Image courtesy Aldrich Bautista / Google Maps.

Image courtesy Aldrich Bautista / Google Maps.

Finding the next MTC Executive Director

Seamless Bay Area wants to see the next MTC Executive Director pioneer a new generation of leadership for regional transportation in the Bay Area. The stakes are incredibly high: as a region, we face pressing problems of congestion, rising greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing housing affordability and deepening inequality. Meanwhile, the lack of quality, efficiency and integration in our regional transportation system hampers its ability in helping address our major regional challenges. The MTC could play an essential, pivotal role in helping our regional transportation system reach its full potential, but this will require new and transformational leadership.

The Seamless Bay Area Hiring Kit

To assist the MTC Selection Committee, we’ve prepared a hiring kit to provide support and inspiration. It includes a scoring guide to help rank possible candidates, an interview guide to seed questions during candidate interviews, a list of key vision elements we think worthy candidates will be able to talk about, and biographies of some exemplary regional leaders from around the world.

Download the kit here, and as always let us know if you have any feedback.

Getting involved

If you’re as passionate as we are about getting the right leadership into the MTC, then consider writing a note to one of the MTC Commissioners involved in the search. Learn more in our latest action alert.