Action Alert! MTC ED

As you may have heard, the MTC is getting a new executive director. We’re working to encourage the Selection Committee to be truly aspirational in their search, to pick a truly visionary regional transportation (and land use) leader. We could use your help!

If you have the time and inclination, please send a personal note to one or more of the MTC Executive Director Selection Committee members.

Let them know why world-class regional leadership is important to you, and encourage them to execute a broad and aspirational search. If you have particular individuals to recommend, feel free to drop some names (here are some ideas). If you have a professional background, be sure to mention it. As always, please be respectful: these commissioners are exerting considerable time and effort int he search, and whatever you feel about the MTC or the record of the previous Executive Director, we want everyone constructively focused on possibilities for the future.

The members of the Selection Committee are:

Jake Mackenzie (Chair)

Scott Haggerty (Vice Chair)

Jeannie Bruins

Nick Josefowitz

Julie Pierce

James P. Spering

Amy R. Worth

Their contact details are available here.

As always, thanks for being a part of the campaign for seamless, world-class transit in the Bay Area!

Beaudry Kock