MTC’s call for Transformative Projects illustrates what’s wrong with regional planning in the Bay Area

We at Seamless Bay Area believe it is a step in the right direction to allow entities other than public agencies to submit ideas for projects. At the same time, the entire process highlights a fundamentally flawed, backward approach to regional planning. Read our submission to MTC’s Request for Transformational Projects.

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Call for Nominations // Rider-First Awards

San Francisco Transit Riders and Seamless Bay Area are honoring the region’s most committed people, places, and projects that are helping to make our transportation system a more enjoyable experience and we’d like your nomination. Who or what would you like to recognize for their work in creating a transportation culture that champions the experience of those who use it?

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Courtney Ferris
The ATL, part 2

In part 1, we learned how and why The ATL, metro Atlanta’s new regional transit agency, might be beneficial to that community. But will ideas that worked in Atlanta also work here in the Bay Area? We look into the key elements of The ATL, and their potential value to solving our own regional transit challenges.

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Beaudry Kock