Contra Costa Action Alert: Support Green Transpo Investments

Have 30 seconds and support environmentally-friendly transportation investments in Contra Costa County? Sign this TransForm petition to show your support.

On Wednesday, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority will review the spending plan and policies for a potential transportation ballot measure that would go to the voters in March 2020. Want to learn more? Check out this blog post to learn about the key decisions that CCTA will make that would steer highway spending in ways that could either protect or harm the environment.

We at Seamless Bay Area want to see high ridership and a seamlessly integrated, customer-friendly public transportation system — both of which enable the Bay Area to achieve its goals of mobility and environmental sustainability. We want to see state and regional standards for greenhouse gas emissions — but until then, battles for these goals are being fought at a local level, county by county and agency by agency, and you can help now.  

We have been working with TransForm, Urban Habitat and other partners to encourage Contra Costa to make the spending package and policies equitable and sustainable. If you live or work in Contra Costa County, or want to make sure the whole region meets our environmental goals - please sign this TransForm petition before the critical CCTA meeting.

Julia Verbrugge