Who We Are


Seamless Bay Area is a grassroots group of citizens from across the Bay Area.  Many of us have observed the high costs of the Bay Area's transit fragmentation as both customers and as transportation professionals.  However, we are not officially affiliated with any transit agency, company or organization.

Seamless Bay Area was established in May 2017. We hold monthly meetings in Oakland and San Francisco that are open to all. We welcome anyone interested in contributing energy and expertise as we work towards unifying the Bay Area's transportation governance.


Core Team


Courtney Ferris

Courtney is co-leading engagement efforts for Seamless Bay Area. An architect by training, she has a professional background in urban design, communications & engagement, and active transportation planning. She regularly collaborates on design exhibitions, installations, and publications that challenge how we engage with, understand or question the processes that design our lives.


Ian Griffiths

Ian Griffiths is co-leading Seamless Bay Area's Vision & Strategy. Ian is a transportation planner and urban designer that has worked in the Bay Area and Toronto in both the public and private sectors for the past 11 years. 


Beaudry Kock

Beaudry is co-leading Seamless Bay Area's vision and strategy efforts, as well as working to ensure the organization has a stable and sustainable structure. He has a background in urban & regional planning, and civil & environmental engineering, and is passionate about delivering a better customer experience for riders of mass transit.


Adina Levin

Adina is co-leading Seamless Bay Area's policy and advocacy initiatives. She is executive director of Friends of Caltrain, a nonprofit organization  which supports successful modernization of Caltrain in the context of integrated system of sustainable transportation. She contributes to a variety of local and regional advisory bodies on transportation and connections between transportation and land use.  She is a serial entrepreneur with a background for-profit and nonprofit ventures.